About Us


Handmade African homewares that are a dynamic fusion of contemporary design entwined with traditional beauty

African Trading Port was born out of a love and passion for Africa – the beauty, traditional cultures and simplicity of their creations.

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we form directly with the artisans and communities, and work together in creating handmade, tactile and unique homewares – homewares that reflect the country’s history alongside its evolving cultural identity.

Africa is widely being recognised globally as a design hub for its creativity for its time-honoured skills in weaving and pottery, while maintaining the deep spirituality and folklore heavily entwined within traditional African culture.

Our history

Well over ten years ago, I fell in love with Africa – the people, their sense of community, the products, and the land. I feel extremely privileged to be welcomed into these communities and to be part of their extended family.

I am passionate about sharing the solitary beauty of Africa with the rest of the world – it wasn’t about sourcing homewares that have been manufactured, but rather functional creations that have been lovingly developed. The further I travelled into the most remote areas of Africa, the more I became inspired by the impact these artisans have in not only redefining traditional Western concepts of beauty and design, but also in sustaining their local community.” Lisa Wright, Owner

Our philosophy

“We source creations that fuse traditional skills with contemporary design.”

African Trading Port products are one-off, unique pieces that have been sourced from afar communities in Africa. Traditionally these communities have not previously been able to get access to any form of government support or funding. Through our ongoing support they have learnt new business skills that relate to small business logistic such as invoicing, freight and email technology.

Our commitment

We are committed to providing ongoing support to the African community via the sourcing of innovative, timeless, and functional homewares that are procured via a fair trade and ethical environment.